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Lakeland Log & Timber Frame Homes began in 2000 as a general contractor building only Log & Timber Frame Homes. Since opening, we have built over 50 homes. We work with several Log Manufacturing Compainies which allows us to find the right product for you.

We own a sawmill and have developed our own unique dovetail joinery system that is the tightest corner seal in the industry. We use the dovetail joinery system in our Log & Timber Frame homes.

If you’re looking for complete construction services that can provide a custom home for you, just schedule an appointment! Come ready knowing your budget and we will provide a free quote that is sure to fit your needs.

If you’re looking to do the construction yourself, we can supply a shell package tailored to your needs and delivered right to your building site. Included in the price of the shell package, you will receive a full-day of instruction to get your crew started.​

At Lakeland Log & Timber Frame Homes, we believe in making each home we build as unique as our customer. If you would like to see our products or any of our current projects, call to set up an appointment today!

- We look forward to working with you,

Matt and Kelly Allen


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“My husband and I live in North Carolina. (I am a Minnesota native.) About three years ago I became very interested in log cabins and pursued this interest on the Internet. We received log cabin packages in the mail from all over the country. After much searching, I came across the perfect cabin design and loved it. This was the cabin I wanted to put on the part of the family farm I inherited in Minnesota. It was to be a vacation home/family retreat. Ater contacting other Log Home representatives in Minnesota, I finally settled on Lakeland Log & TF Homes. Through much discouragement and disappointment with another builder, Lakeland Log & Timber Frame Homes was a real “gem” of a find. The owner and builder, Matt Allen, won my confidence, as his real “down to earth” approach put my mind at ease. All the plans for our cabin came to fruition through our doing business with Lakeland Log & Timber Frame Homes via phone, e-mail, and mail. We had never met in person. Our cabin was built in the late spring of 2008. My sister, who lives on another part of the family farm, sent me pictues of our beautiful cabin! I couldn’t wait to get up to Minnesota to see it! When my husband and I got there and actually saw it, it was even better than the pictures. What QUALITY! What STURDINESS! It was beautiful! And all for a fair price! Matt Allen of Lakeland Log & Timber Frame Homes is an honest businessman who does people right, and he puts out a great product!”
– Mary Underwood, Asheboro, North Carolina

“Our first meeting with Matt Allen was at a Log and Timber show in St. Paul, MN in the fall of 2005…. We are both very much the do it yourself people and intended to design and build the home ourselves. We went to the show with a few builders and log home companies in mind and went to the show with the intent of interviewing and finalizing our choice. However, we became discouraged after getting very few good feelings from any of the known companies. Everyone we talked to wanted to overshadow our role in building our home and place doubt in our minds by implying that we had to use their people in order to successfully complete a project. Then we meet Matt at his booth…right away we liked his down home (no BS) style and felt comfortable talking to him about our dream house. He wasn’t a slick salesman touting all the attributes of his product while badmouthing the competition. Matt’s approach was one of common sense and a genuine belief in the product combined with caring about the wants and needs of every potential client.

We went home with the feeling that we had found a partner in our venture. We took delivery of the log package in July 2006 and Matt and Kelly came to our ranch to help get the logs started and instead of just staying the half day that was “included” with the purchase of the home, they stayed an extra day to make sure that all of our initial questions and concerns were addressed and that the first strings of logs were properly in place. After they left, Matt was just a phone call away.

Our overall experience with Matt and Kelly was so positive that we encouraged friends to buy homes from Matt as well. Not only was Matt an advisor in achieving our dream, but he and his wife have become our friends as well. We would strongly recommend and encourage anyone that is looking for a log home to do business with him. – David and Tracie Day


Thirty years ago, we wanted to build a log home. So we set out to find a company who would work with our budget and help us accomplish our goal. We were in our early twenties with two young children. During our contact with local builders and log home companies we always felt we were being judged on account of our age. During our search we found there weren’t any companies willing to work with us. Nobody was upfront or forward about pricing, and nobody offered any type of free estimates. The whole experience was extremely disheartening, and we were unable to move forward with our plans at that time.

Becoming a Log Home Builder
Years later having become a successful builder we started our own company Lakeland log and timber frame homes and became a Minnesota log and timber frame builder.

We decided to make it our core philosophy to run our business differently than we were treated all those years ago. So when a customer walks through our door, we work with them to come up with an accurate estimate. We are not in this business to mass produce hundreds of identical homes. We truly strive to make each home we build as unique as the homeowners themselves.

Becoming a Timber Frame Builder
Part of being able to build a unique home for our clients means having a wide variety of choices. That is why we recently decided to also include timber frame and post & beam in our product offerings.

Since 2000 we have built over 50 homes. We are proud to tell people we are a real family business. While we take every project seriously, Matt is also eager to tell people that he thinks every project is “fun.”

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Matt & Kelly


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