About Us – Log & Timber Frame Home Builder

Thirty years ago, we wanted to build a log home. So we set out to find a company who would work with our budget and help us accomplish our goal. We were in our early twenties with two young children. During our contact with local builders and log home companies we always felt we were being judged on account of our age. During our search we found there weren’t any companies willing to work with us. Nobody was upfront or forward about pricing, and nobody offered any type of free estimates. The whole experience was extremely disheartening, and we were unable to move forward with our plans at that time.

Becoming a Log Home Builder

Many years later, having become a successful builder, Matt started to do research on building log homes himself and came across the company Real Log Homes®. After talking to various log companies he came to the conclusion that they were the best partner based on their years of experience and their patented joinery system. So we started our company, Lakeland Log and Timber Frame Homes and became a Minnesota log home builder.

We decided to make it our core philosophy to run our business differently than we were treated all those years ago. So when a customer walks through our door, we work with them to come up with an accurate estimate. We are not in this business to mass produce hundreds of identical homes. We truly strive to make each home we build as unique as the homeowners themselves.

Becoming a Timber Frame Builder

Part of being able to build a unique home for our clients means having a wide variety of choices. That is why we recently decided to also include timber frame and post & beam in our product offerings.

Since 2000 we have built over 50 homes.  We are proud to tell people we are a real family business.  While we take every project seriously, Matt is also eager to tell people that he thinks every project is “fun.”

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